Mind Blowing Thriller Movies Streaming can experience in Home

We can agree on how thriller movies can help you settle down with a weird sense of achievement in your heart. Do you get a sense of nostalgia while watching mind-blowing thrillers? Then you can watch many movies that blow your mind and mess with it. There are many Telugu new movies that will help you enjoy a good time. These days because of the internet, it is easier to watch many movies and shows online that you can watch on the OTT platform Aha. Some of the thrilling movie recommendations are Odela railway station and Bhamakalapam.

Thrilling and Chilling with Bhamakalapam.

The bhamakalapam movie is the perfect mixture of thriller and comedy directed by Abhimanyu. The movie features a young kid listening to a story by his spiritual master. However, at the current time, it shows that someone stole an egg worth Rs 200 crore from a museum in Kolkata made by a Russian Jewel maker. Furthermore, the egg drops and rolls toward a poultry farm with edible eggs. That’s where the movie escalates, and the thrill begins. The movie is very enjoyable and hilarious with a boost of thrilling chills.

Bhamakalapam Review: Priyamani's captivating performance saves the day

The stop doesn’t stop at Odela Railway station.

If you are into the crime genre, Odela railway station movie is for you. The movie has the perfect crisp crime thriller that makes you feel goosebumps. The serial killer is roaming around the city, and many people are dead. The killer is still out, and the lives of many innocent people are at stake. However, a new and young IPS police officer is taking over the case. Do you think he can solve it? Or his life is at stake. Will I be able to catch the killer? Or the killer will continue to kill innocent people around the city.

The storyline is very simple and straightforward. However, that’s the attraction of the film. The movie is released on OTT platforms to watch digitally. Telangana is a small town where murder and rapes are like series of a shows. Moreover, Police are failing to find out the reason and person behind it. To watch more shows and Telugu thriller movies like this. Furthermore, you can check out the number one OTT platform Aha. Moreover, it has different varieties of shows for everyone in your family.


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