Learn How to Open. XLSX File Using Different OS and Browser

Opening .APK file on Windows OS

Most of us rely on Microsoft Excel for data analysis. It’s still the most common tool in organizing and performing data and financial analysis. Since there are various operating systems available, there are specific ways on how to open a . XLSX file. techshift brings a detailed yet easy-to-understand guide on how to open a . XLSX file on the most popular operating systems people currently use today.

Opening. XLSX file on Windows OS

.XLSX file on Windows (7,8, 10) can be opened by following four easy steps.

  1. You need to download a software called LibreOffice. This is what you will use to open a . XLSX file. There are also other programs that you can use to open the file like OpenOffice Calc, SoftMaker Office, and Gnumeric.
  2. Finding the downloaded. XLSX file is the second step. You can check it in /download/ folder where files are commonly saved automatically.
  3. After finding the file, click on it and choose the “Open with” option.
  4. Once you click “Open with”, LibreOffice software will appear on the option. Click on the software you downloaded and click “OK”.

Opening .APK file on Mac OS

Opening. XLSX file on Linux

With just four easy steps, you can open a . XLSX file on your Linux device.

  1. Please download software that is able to open the file. You can use the following software available on Linux: LibreOffice, OpenOffice Calc, and Gnumeric.
  2. Locating the. XLSX file is the second step. Always check the /download/ folder in case you forgot where you downloaded the file.
  3. After finding the. XLSX file, perform a right-click on it to show the “Open with” option.
  4. Clicking “Open with” will show the software you downloaded. Click on the software and click “OK”.

Opening. XLSX using Browser

Web applications that can open .xlsx files are Google Drive and Google Sheet. You can simply right-click on the file and choose “Open with”.

.XLSX file is still not able to open

If you still can’t open the file after doing the steps from this guide, it is advised that you look closely at the file extension. There are other file extensions similar to .XLSX like xlt – Microsoft, .xlthtml – Microsoft, .xltm – Microsoft, . xltx – Microsoft, .xlv – Microsoft. Recheck the file extension and see if you are trying to open the wrong file.

This concise step-by-step guide from Techshift.net will surely solve the problem. All in all, the article provided information on how to open. XLSX file on programs for those that rely only on their browsers.


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